Concert Stage Curve Roof Truss for line array speaker

Aluminum Truss with Podium Stage  ( 10m  x 8m x 6m --L x W x H) --Guangzhou Giant Stage 

-- Spigot Square Truss  290*290mm ,   
--Main Tube :  50*3mm thickness 
--Vice tuve : 20*2mm thickness 
-- Aluminum Alloy  6061-T6 /  6082-T6 (best choose )
-Different configurations are made possible by simply changing the arches.

Curved roof is specail design and easy to fall the rains at the sides (left and right ) , As to make the installation easy , We put the middle part -Ladder truss standing and connecting with the side truss (beam truss ) ,  This way can save some cost to client and strength the pressure when the rain pour down .   2m Each distance  along with  1 piece ladder truss . 

Podium Stage 9.76m  x 6.1m --- 24pcs  1.22m x 2.44m  (4ft x 8ft ) stage deck .  Podium Height can adjust as 100~160cm  . 


  • Versatile application
  • Easy to handle, quick setup
  • Significant loading capacity
  • Ideal for smaller events
  • Extra options available

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