Guangzhou Giant Stage Factory Big Stage Lighting Truss Concert Stage Roof Truss

Comparing  Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6 & 6082-T6 
From the table above, component Si of aluminum
alloy 6082-T6 is more than 6061-T6, Which means chemical feature is more stable than 6061-T6. So that is why Si is widely used in the precision instruments. Beside, Fe of 6082-T6 is less than 6061-T6, Fe is easily oxidized and rusty. Therefore, the surface oftruss made of 6061-T6 will get dark after some periods usage, but the truss made of 6082-T6 surface is still shining and good looking.

Truss Color 

Name Guangzhou Giant Stage Factory Big Stage Lighting Truss Concert Stage Roof Truss
Type Spigot Truss
Hoist Type Hand operator/ Electronic motor
Application Stage Performance, Exhibition, Concert, Background Plate, Party,
Wedding,Evening Show, Fashion Show etc.
Truss Specification
Product Type Material Length Available Size
Square Truss Spigot Aluminum 6061-T6/ 6082-T6; As your request 0.5M-4M 200mm*200mm,271mm*271mm,289mm*289mm,
Screw 200mm*200mm,300mm*300mm,350mm*350mm,
Triangle Truss Spigot 289mm*289mm,389mm*389mm
Screw 300mm*300mm,400mm*400mm
Ladder Truss Spigot 250mm*250mm,289mm*289mm,389mm*389mm
Screw 400mm*400mm

Safety Certification:
Germany TUV authentication,CE  authentication

Product Features:
1. easily to set up
2.flexible , for different size and design system
3. non rust,long life time
4. for outdoor concert stage event,exhibition booth truss system,etc.
5. easily to be transported

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